The Cool Rider

While sitting down to write about our 04 Suede Biker Jacket, I’ll admit that I struggled a bit. The jacket is a timeless and an immediate classic, but I wasn’t sure how it fit into the pantheon of chic everyday jackets already in existence, like an Acne leather jacket or a Levi’s denim trucker.

At first glance, our suede jacket is a simple design, but sometimes the simplest pieces in our wardrobes have the strongest emotional identity. And knowing our designer, Isabella, there had to be some sort of deeper, hyper-specific reason that this jacket came to be. I felt like the Nancy Drew of suede jackets, trying to figure out what was so special about this piece. After chasing Isabella around the office, poking and prodding for clues, I got my answer. The Cool Rider jacket.

Born from a childhood obsession (like most of Isabella’s designs), this jacket is inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer and her Grease 2 heyday. Our suede jacket is like the lovechild between your well-loved denim jacket and ideal leather jacket.

Why did we choose suede? While making the Fall Collection, Isabella was testing styles that are usually made with denim, but choosing different fabrics. Denim brings up many issues regarding sustainability and water usage, so it was important to use alternative materials like suede or reclaimed suiting material to add structure in our collection while avoiding denim. Plus, though the jacket is just a single shell layer, the suede makes it a lot warmer than it looks.

This jacket also makes a matching set out of our 02 Faux Suede Skirt, which came from our Fall 21 Collection. Everyone deserves a twin after all.

Most importantly, it is, like all our pieces, sourced from deadstock materials. Plus, our suede is faux so it’s vegan, as well as stretchy and breathable, so it travels well. We’re convinced this jacket will fulfill your Cool Rider fantasy, all you have to do is try it on.

Here's how to wear the Cool Rider: