That's So Last Season

“That’s so last season” shouldn’t be an insult, it should be praise for someone who is making sustainable wardrobe choices. The fashion industry has a toxic tendency of promoting a throwaway culture full of short-lived trends and ever-changing rules about what’s “cool.” At T.W.I.N., we aim to be the antithesis of that, encouraging our customers to take an additive approach.  

Why not take the changing seasons as an opportunity to restyle your favorite pieces from last season as you transition into a few new exciting items to keep fashion fun. It’s cost-effective and more sustainable.

Here are some suggestions as to how you can take your favorite T.W.I.N. pieces from Spring and Summer and carry them forward as we transition into Fall:



01 Bias-Cut Slip Dress + 02 Puff Sleeve Shirt

We know you love our slip dresses in the summer, but they’re perfect for fall too. When it’s a little too chilly for bare arms, pair it over or under the Puff Sleeve Shirt for a warmer look. The blouson sleeves will contrast the bias cut of the dress and offer a more romantic look.



01 Bowler Shirt + 02 Mesh Turtleneck

A bowler shirt is a summer staple, but it can easily transition to Fall. Layering it over our soft mesh will keep you warm without being too stuffy and because it’s so breathable, it’s truly an ideal layering piece. Choose a more muted bowler to go with a bright colored mesh, or a patterned bowler with a neutral mesh to balance your look.



03 Balloon Pant + 02 Tulle Overlay Shirt

Our Balloon Pants are great for sweat-proof summer living, but are still warm enough to make it through Fall. For a more brooding, NYC vibe, go for the all-black-everything with our Tulle Overlay Shirt. This shirt will give the pants a bit more structure without being stuffy.

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