Plisse All Day

What's the deal with plisse?

Pleats come in many shapes and sizes and have been around for centuries, dating all the way back to the toga and the chiton. Since the early days of dressing, clothing has evolved almost beyond recognition and styles have drastically changed, yet pleats still keep coming back.

When TWIN’s designer, Isabella, designed our plisse sets, consisting of a shirt, shorts, and pants, the goal was to create the perfect gender-neutral summer set. The pieces are breezy, colorful, and can easily be dressed up or down. Inspired by pleats from designers like Fortuny and Issey Miyake, our pleats are technically plisse, which means the fabric has been treated to have a permanently wrinkled look (no ironing necessary!). You can seriously pull the items out of your carry-on and not think twice about looking crumpled, making it the perfect travel outfit.

Like our 05 Mesh Dress, the plisse pieces are left with an unfinished edge so you can easily trim the hems to be your perfect length, no tailoring necessary. Just remember you can always take more off, but you can’t put more back on!

Here’s how to edit your TWIN plisse:

1. Lay your garment out flat on a table or smooth surface, making sure that the edges of the fabric are perfectly lined up.

2. Identify how much fabric you want to cut off. Without flattening the pleats, pin both sides of the fabric together with horizontal pins just above your desired length. Make sure your pins are in an even line, either by eye-balling it or using a ruler.

3. Using a pair of scissors (ideally fabric scissors but an extra-sharp pair will suffice), cut along under your pins. Be careful not to stretch the pleats too much, because the more you flatten them the more jagged your cut will look.

4. Try on your piece to make sure it’s the right length and voila! You’ve just hemmed your TWIN.