Meet the T.W.I.N.s

Founded by Isabella and Alicia Serrani, T.W.I.N. (That’s What I Need) is a twin-owned, Toronto-born, New York-based company focused on making good products, honestly.

We wanted to distill our identities and present them in our brand. We’re twins who - despite being polar opposites - are inseparable (Trust us, we’ve tried to split, it doesn’t work). We share everything, in particular our clothes. We have very different body types and sizes, and yet, we can take the same piece and style it to our individual tastes. We want people to feel the same. 

No matter your feelings about your body or your relationship with fashion, you can feel secure that you will find what you need. We welcome feedback on our products and hope you, our customers, help us grow by providing feedback on which sizes + styles you need and want to see in the future. 

We’re transparent about our design process so our customers know we’ve carefully selected sustainable fabrics, constructed garments that fit and feel good, and that the price reflects a fair value.

All that’s left is the choice of how you want to wear your pieces.


Fashion is in our blood. All throughout our childhood growing up in Toronto, our knowledge of fashion was just an extension of our education taught by our parents who have been in the fashion industry for over 40 years. This has aided in our understanding of fabrics, garment construction, and ethical manufacturing practices epitomized in T.W.I.N.