Celebrating Our Favorite Women

It’s Women’s History Month! As a women-owned brand that collaborates with many women-identifying people it’s an important month for us. We would even go so far as to say that TWIN wouldn’t exist without the help of some truly extraordinary women.

Here are just some of the many, many, members of the TWINfam we’d like to share this Women’s History Month.


Sophie Parker - Botanical Artist

If you’ve visited EARTHOUSE, you’ve seen the gorgeously colorful, painted plants that decorate the store. These pieces of art are the brainchild of botanical artist Sophie Parker, who has worked with bigwigs like Nike and MoMa PS1. While she has a current pop-up at the Room57 Gallery, we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by her art everyday.


Jocelyn & Emily DeSisto - Jewelry Designers

Once TWIN met the DeSisto sisters of Lot28, we knew it was a match made in heaven. Flash forward a few months, and we were planning a pop-up for Earth Day that turned into EARTHOUSE, our permanent flagship store in SoHo. We’re constantly inspired by Jocelyn and Emily’s beautiful jewelry pieces and commitment to sustainability.


Triple Minor - Creator, Stylist, & Model

We came across Triple Minor while creating our Braille Layered T-Shirt for TWIN’s second collection. Since they live in the UK, our friendship was first a virtual one until the twins were able to meet them in person last spring. Triple Minor is a leader in the world of de-gendering fashion and making it more accessible for all abilities.


Tiff Baira - Dating Coach & Model

Fun fact: TWIN met Tiff when our intern, Bella, scouted her as a model at a club. Again, we instantly fell in love with Tiff’s work to end gatekeeping in the fashion industry by promoting size-inclusivity and self-love. We’re so lucky to call her a friend, a peer, and a member of the TWINFam.


Clare Ngai - Jewelry Designer

Clare is the CEO of ‘It Girl’ jewelry brand BONBONWHIMS and longtime friend and supporter of TWIN. We’ve even featured BONBONWHIMS in many of our photoshoots. Whether at a dive bar or gala, Clare is always down to discuss business strategies, and offer emotional support (cause every founder needs it!). Maybe, just maybe, you might see a TWIN x BONBONWHIMS collab in the future. Fingers crossed!


KhrystyAna - Model & Activist

KhrystyAna is a true ride-or-die TWIN supporter. As a model, content-creator, and overall gorgeous gal, KhrystyAna is always down to wear TWIN and rep the brand. She’s so committed that she even came to a TWIN sponsored yoga event with a fractured foot the day before leaving to volunteer and provide aid in the Ukraine. She’s a badass activist and a huge inspiration for us on how to create a more inclusive and loving community in fashion and beyond.


Natalia Thomas - Makeup Artist

When Natalia does your makeup, it’s like your face is being painted by the gods. We’ve worked with Natalia on countless photoshoots and are always in awe of the magic she creates. She’s always wearing TWIN and looks hella good while doing it. The TWIN team dreams that someday, maybe someday, Natalia will do our makeup too!


LiLi - Model and Actor

When LiLi modeled for TWIN we were all struck by her warm, calming presence and honestly, we wish we could hang with her everyday. As a model and actress, Lili is inspiring transgender and non-binary people to live their lives on their own terms. LiLi is also creating a documentary about her life called LiLi’s Closet, which you can watch on Youtube.