Why We're Shopping in Store

During the pandemic, the world came to rely on online shopping for EVERYTHING. And we get it, shopping in person wasn’t an option, but as cities and stores began to reopen, I found myself falling in love with shopping IRL again. I haven’t enjoyed going into stores this much since I was in junior high and shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch (cringe, I know, but also don’t pretend you weren’t there too!). Think of all the ‘90s and 2000s movie montage scenes you’ve seen that involve a super fun shopping spree with a woman and her besties. Shopping online just doesn’t have quite the same effect.

That, plus a few other reasons, is why T.W.I.N. (along with fellow sister owned brand Lot28) opened EARTHOUSE in SoHo. Here are some more reasons why I think shopping in store is better:

When you go into a store you can try on items before purchasing them. This cuts down on returns, which are bad for the environment as they create more waste and carbon emissions. Now, it’s true that some people rely on ordering multiples online to find the size that fits, or the garment that is identity affirming without the emotional impact of facing potential judgment in a store. At EARTHOUSE we carry all sizes in store and pride ourselves on creating an inclusive space so that everyone can have the perfect shopping experience. Bonus: shopping IRL means you’ll never have to make one of those “what I ordered vs. what I got” posts.

Shopping online leads to a lot of impulse purchases. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself online shopping before simply because I’m bored and am looking to fill the void. It’s a lot easier to scroll and add to cart than it is to drive or walk to a store and hunt for an item in person. If you ditch the impulse shopping you’ll save money and save yourself from buying something you didn’t really want.

Online shopping leads to a lot of packaging and waste. Think of the boxes and all the plastic that items are shipped in, not to mention the emissions released during transport. Shopping online also leads to a lot of returns, which means sending it back in the mail and releasing even more emissions. Instead, bring your own reusable bag while shopping in person to cut down on waste. (If you do purchase from T.W.I.N. online, we offer RePack, which is a reusable and returnable delivery packaging!)

This year, I’m encouraging you to cut down on your online shopping and switch to buying your clothes in person again.

Join T.W.I.N. at 219 Mott St for the ideal IRL shopping experience, so you can live your shopping montage fantasy in a space that’s inclusive and welcoming. We hope to see you there!