Decidedly Neutral About V-Day

We don’t know what’s more annoying–loving Valentine’s Day and planning over-the-top lovey activities, or hating Valentine’s Day and being overly critical of the commercialization and anti-singleness of the holiday. So, this year T.W.I.N. is being decidedly neutral about V-Day and the whole cupid shenanigans. We aren’t absolutely obsessed with the day, but we don’t despise it. Sure, we might wear pink on the 14th and we’ll definitely take advantage of the post-V-Day sale on chocolates, but don’t expect a card or a candlelit dinner, kay?

This is of course not to say that we don’t like celebrating romantic love or friendship or any relationship for that matter, we just choose to do it on other days apparently. Plus, at T.W.I.N. we’re super into self love 24/7. After all, if you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?!

Whether you feel love, hate, or meh about February 14th, odds are you’ll be wearing clothes that day (also totally fine though if you don’t). Here’s what to wear to fit your V-Day vibes.

Love: Pink on Pink on Pink, Duh

Jewel Knit Cardigan

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Hate: All Black, Don't Care

Ribbed Turtleneck

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Meh: A Little Effort, Not Too Much

Cropped Collared Cardigan

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